Rovira History

• Began in 1929 in Puerto Rico when the company founder, José María Rovira Viza purchased a small bakery in the heart of the city of Ponce.

• In 1937, the founder’s son, José Miguel, joined the Company and began to change it into a cracker manufacturer. During the next decade, and throughout the Second World War, the Company kept improving and expanding.

• The Company was registered in 1947 under the name of Rovira Biscuit Corporation and built new manufacturing facilities to continue its growth.

• In the early 1950’s, the Company began to market its products in the East Coast of the United States. This was followed by expanding its market to the Caribbean area.

• The third generation of the Rovira family joined the Company in the 1960’s, bringing new ideas in technology, marketing and management that made ROVIRA a house hold name among consumers in Puerto Rico while expanding its markets to other areas in the United States

• In the 1990’s team of professional managers, together with the fourth generation of the Rovira family, took over the task to expand the Company’s markets and products.

• “In 2000’s Rovira Biscuit’s sister company Rovira Foods, Inc, was created in order to emphasize the growing sales and distribution business on the Island. They currently represent the Rovira crackers and Eric’s snacks brands as well as more than 10 different brands of products from USA, Spain and Brazil. In this way, Rovira Biscuits Corp. can concentrate all efforts solely to high quality manufacture. On this same note, RBC is also building a new facility located on the outskirts of Ponce, close to highway #2. This strategic move will improve efficiency and production capacity to solidify its position as the most important cracker manufacturer in PR with 43% of its Market share”.